Happy Hour

We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with good friends and good beer? Join us for Happy Hour every weekday from 4:00pm until 7:00pm.

Mug Club members are even more happy!  Ask for details.

A Brief Bio

Founded in 2000 by the English born family of Peter and Rosemary Blackwell and their daughter Karen, with the intention of providing our customers with fresh, English Style Ales.

Now in our 19th year, we have expanded our line to accommodate those who prefer a "hoppier" flavor, however, traditional English Style beers are our mainstay.

Darts, Cribbage and Other Pub Games Available

What bar would be complete without a few games? After you grab a drink, feel free to ask any of our staff to borrow a set of darts, cards and cribbage board.